St. John's & York
w/ Hannah Faith


Irwin Garden: What are you currently reading?  
Hannah Faith: I'm halfway through Girl On Fire by Robin Wasserman 

IG: Define good style?  
HF: Style to me has to do with timelessness, consistency and doing something really well–finding that space where you can express yourself without ever really changing. Trends come and go but style lasts forever.

IG: Favorite thing to do on a Sunday?
HF:My girlfriends and I have become the Queens of beach picnicking. We bought a palm beach umbrella that we lay under while feasting on charcuterie boards and wine haha.  I also really enjoy going to the flea market on Sundays–it's the best place to get a fresh pair of Levi's. 

IG: Place you call home? 
HF: I haven't really defined this yet. I'm from Minnesota originally but I've been traveling so much for the past three years that no where really feels homey yet but I'd probably say California is the closest thing to home for me at the moment. 

IG: What are your favorite albums to listen to in the morning? 
HF: I listen to SIA-This is Acting every morning on my way to work.  I can relate to a lot of her songs and love her voice so much.

IG: Flowers you can't live without? 
HF: I'm not a big flower buyer ... actually I've never bought flowers for myself, but if I did they would be white peonies. They are my favorite. 

IG: Cause you care about? 
HF: Feed My Starving Children - you can volunteer here

William Kaner