Kent & Division Ave.
w/ Ksenia Mal


Irwin Garden: What are you currently reading?  
Ksenia Mal: I'm currently reading Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time.

IG: What's your favorite thing to do on a Sunday?  
KM: I don't know about Sunday in particular, but in general I love to read, to be in nature, to learn new things and to watch old movies and spend time with people that I love.

IG: Where do you call home?
KM: I don't call any place my home. My home is my parents.

IG: What has been your biggest adventure in life? 
KM: Falling in love.

IG: What flowers can you not live without? 
KM: I love peonies, but I don't feel extremely excited about flowers in general. 

IG: Cause you care about? 
KM: I care about politics and I have a lot of arguments with people about it. 

William Kaner